Privacy PolicyEffective date: 2024-05-09

1 General Conditions

1.1 Purpose

① Gaudio Lab, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Gaudio”) complies with the privacy regulations of applicable laws that must be observed by information and communication service providers, such as the Personal Information Protection Act, the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection, Etc., the Protection of Communications Secrets Act, and the Telecommunications Business Act. The Company establishes this privacy policy based on these laws and makes its best effort to protect the rights of its customers. This privacy policy is applicable to the services provided by “Gaudio” and covers the following.

2 Personal Information to be Collected and Collection Methods

2.1 Personal Information Items Collected on the Service Website

① “Gaudio” minimally collects the following required personal information to provide service.

• Required information: Email address, name, profile picture, purpose of using service, language preference

• Required for service: Customer-uploaded content

② The following information may automatically be created or additionally collected during service use or processing of service provision tasks.

• Required information: IP Address, access logs, date of visit, service use records

• Optional information: Country information, credit card payment information

2.2 Personal Information Items Collected on the Desktop Application Service (Just Voice Lite)

① The following information may automatically be created or additionally collected during service use or processing of service provision tasks.

• Required information: Device Information, application access logs, service use records

2.3 Personal Information Items Collected on the Mobile Application Service (Just Voice Recorder)

① The following information may automatically be created or additionally collected during service use or processing of service provision tasks.

• Required information: Device Information, application access logs, service use records

2.4 Personal Information Collection Methods

① “Gaudio” collects personal information via website, emails, and application.

3 Purposes for Collecting and Using Personal Information

3.1 Fulfillment of Contract Regarding Service Provisions

① “Gaudio” collects personal information for the purpose of providing solution services and improving applications.

3.2 New Service Development and Use in Marketing Advertising

① “Gaudio” collects personal information for the purposes of developing new services and customizing services, providing existing services and posting advertisements based on user demographics, validating services, providing event information and advertisements as well as opportunities for customer participation, understanding customer access frequency, and developing statistics on customer use of services.

4 Personal Information Provision and Processing Consignment

4.1 Provision of Personal Information

① “Gaudio” shall use the customer's personal information for purposes notified in Chapter 3. Purposes for Collecting and Using Personal Information and shall not exceed this scope without prior consent from the customer or externally disclose personal information of the customer as a general rule. However, the following shall be exceptions:

• If required based on the provisions of laws and regulations, or if requested by an investigation agency according to the procedures and the methods set forth in the laws and regulations for investigation purposes.

4.2 Consignment of Personal Information Processing

① “Gaudio” entrusts personal information for service improvement and big data analysis.

• Big data analysis with Google Analytics

• Application log analysis with Sentry

• User behavior analysis with Amplitude

② “Gaudio” entrusts personal information for payment service.

• Payment service with Paddle

5 Period of Retention and Use of Personal Information

5.1 Destruction of Personal Information

① In principle, “Gaudio” will destroy, without delay, the Customer's personal information once the purpose for its collection and use has been satisfied. However, if necessary due to regulations concerning consumer protection laws on trade-related transactions or other relevant statutes, “Gaudio” may keep the personal information for a certain period of time.

② "Gaudio" will process and delete the Customer’s personal information collected through the desktop application service (Just Voice Lite) within two weeks from the date of collection.

6 Rights and Exercise Methods of Customers and Legal Representatives

6.1 Inquiry and Deletion of Usage Information

① Customers can directly inquire about and delete files uploaded by them on "Gaudio"'s web service.

6.2 Membership Withdrawal

① Customers wishing to withdraw from membership on Gaudio's web service can request the withdrawal of consent for the collection and use of personal information through the withdrawal menu. Upon receiving the withdrawal request, the Customer's service usage will be immediately suspended. Gaudio will store the Customer's information for one month after receiving the withdrawal request, and all Customer personal information, including purchase credits and service usage history, will be deleted after one month.

7 Measures for Ensuring the Security of Personal Information

7.1 "Gaudio"'s Efforts for Secure Management of Personal Information

① "Gaudio" has established and implemented an internal management plan for personal information protection, continuously monitoring matters related to the operation and management of personal information by appointing a personal information protection manager.

② Access control and restriction measures are in place for personal information. "Gaudio" minimizes the number of employees with authorization to process personal information and clearly distinguishes between servers for processing personal information and personal PCs for operational purposes.

③ Security programs for personal information are installed and regularly updated. Data is regularly backed up to prevent damage to personal information, and up-to-date antivirus programs are used to prevent leakage or damage of customers' personal information or data.

④ A dedicated organization for personal information is in operation. "Gaudio" ensures that all employees comply with their obligations to protect customer personal information by implementing protection measures through a dedicated department for personal information protection.

8 Details Regarding the Personal Information Protection Manager

8.1 Personal Information Protection Manager at "Gaudio"

① Name: Hyun Jo

② Department: SNA Team

③ Position: Product Owner

④ Email Address:

8.2 Reporting to External Organizations for Personal Information Violations

Personal Information Infringement Report Center (Call 118)

Cyber Investigation Department of the Supreme Prosecutor's Office (Call 1301)

Cyber Investigation Bureau of the National Police Agency (Call 182)

9 Supplementary Provisions

9.1 Effective Date

① These Terms will take effect on May 9, 2024.

9.2 Previous Privacy Policy

January 31, 2024 ~ May 8, 2024